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W ith the inevitable whirl up and wind down of New Year’s hoorahs on this side of the meridian, perhaps what ought to be eyed is the ancient calen-
dar, based not on Gregorian artifice, but of lunar temperance. For at the end of the month, the new moon does bring with it the Year of the Horse, a change in time a great many of world’s population celebrates with just as much vigor.
Unlike our methodical numerical regimen, the Chinese New Year carries with it a personality shift, which has always been of keen interest to astrolo- gers and sociologists alike. What do billions of people do with the collective predictions associated with the Year of the Wood Horse? Accordingly, it is a year, marked very distinctly from that of the previous Water Snake, in that it’ll move quicker, it’ll be more adventurous, it will reward decisive action.
Peradventure, our terrestrial neighbors hold a slight mass advantage in re- deeming goal-specific action following the change of a calendar year — after all, a formatted focused group resolution already preconceived does seem slightly more efficient than leaving everyone to resolve on their own, willy nilly. Or another way at looking at it may be by allowing dates to don traits also al- lows each individual to “try on” traits without having to necessarily commit to them — kind of a trial personality for 12 months; which does sound like a fun kind of system.
At any rate, here’s wishing all good luck with the newness of another sea- sonal cycle — May it be the best ever!
Cheers! Charles Seiverd • the NOISE arts & news
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