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June 2017 ~ Full Speed Ahead
We continue gliding through our open window, free from retrogrades of personal planets and their shadows. This open window continues through July 24 and although there are some spots to watch out for, there is much support for bursting creations out into the world.
Lots of energy in Gemini brings much motion and a match of abundant energy in Cancer brings emotion. Both of these energies bring great support to moving full speed ahead.
Mars, the burly God of War, ruling action, moving through the introspective and emotional sign of Cancer makes me think of a really big and muscular guy with huge hands trying to sit comfortably at a kid-sized table and have a proper tea party. This image also shows the tremendous power of Mars sitting behind the emotions at this time. Keeping emotionally-centered and using emotions as forces for productive forward movement is the key this month.
Even with the awkwardness of this placement and the many conflicts between thinking Gemini and feeling Cancer this month, there are excellent aspects (some of the best in the whole year!) for forward motion in general and much support for travelers, writers (and other prolific expressers), and artists.
Look forward to sweet and supportive energies on or near: June 1, 3, 9, 13, 18, 20, 21, 24, 26, and 28. Expect some high and challenging emotions and other chal- lenges on or near: June 3, 4, 15, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, and 29.
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** Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.
June 1 — Venus in Aries Trine Saturn in Sagittarius — Venus represents love, beauty, and money. Saturn represents long-term efforts of importance in any area of life and also business ventures. I love this day for locking in anything important under any of these subjects.
June 3 — Venus in Aries Conjunct Uranus in Aries — Surprise in love or money is likely at this time, for better or for worse. It is fantastic for chance meeting with someone with whom you could share love or money magic. By nature of Uranus this meet up tends to fizzle quickly but leave an impression. Because Saturn in great angle with Jupiter just days before this, the possibility that a powerful meeting or occurrence could ground in to become long-term in nature.
June 3 — Sun in Gemini Trine Jupiter in Libra — This aspect can bring fantas- tic support and expansion to creativity, health, and self-esteem. Jupiter by nature is excessive so there is the chance for expansion with diminishing returns but if some boundaries are set and kept, a beautiful energy for most things.
June 4 — Sun in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces — Neptune in a challeng- ing angle like this can bring confusion or disappointment. Coupled with the aspect the Sun has the previous day with Jupiter could represent the fear that comes after a wonderful idea or opportunity presents. The likely effect of this line-up of aspects will be to feel the fear, honor the intuition, and do it anyway while taking into con- sideration protection measures for the venture.
June 9 — Full Moon in Sagittarius — Fullness, completion, fruition, exaltation comes to all things Sagittarius. A beautiful aspect with Uranus brings random sup- port and brilliant ideas and a conjunction with Saturn can bring a reality check but also simultaneous increase in potential of support from an authority figure or a sta- ble and wise helper. Travel abounds and communication and expression reaches an all-time high. Long-term ventures are well-supported at this time.
June 9 — Jupiter Direct in Libra — This is a time for everyone (especially those with importantly-placed Sagittarius) to rejoice. Jupiter in retrograde definitely is still working to bring expansion and growth but the mood is much less sparkly without his full power. Increased luck and enthusiasm usually come with this direct move- ment. Jupiter regaining full strength in its movement through Libra brings a robust focus and expansion of personal relationships.
June 9 — Venus in Taurus Sextile Mars in Cancer — This is a lovely, romantic, sensual, emotional meet-up. Even though Mars isn’t completely comfortable in this sign, it is a great chance for heart-to-heart’s that could open up intimacy and more joy.
June 13 — Mercury in Gemini Trine Jupiter in Libra — This aspect is a true writer’s (or anyone else who communicates for their work or other expression) de-
light. I love this time for launches of books, blog sites, or anything else related to the energy of sharing information. These energies blend so beautifully and in such an expanded way, they can be driven to exhaustive excess, but it will be worth the effort to bring things out into the world at this time.
June 15 — Sun in Gemini Opposing Saturn in Sagittarius — Putting oneself out into the world can be absolutely terrifying. This is a great opportunity to keep your eye on the big vision and ignore any criticism that is not helpful to bringing about the bigger goals.
June 16 — Neptune Retrograde in Pisces — Neptune retrograde is the re- cluse’s delight and marks a time when many will find they need more alone time. It is a fantastic time for artists of any medium (words included) to reevaluate their style and go back to some old ways of doing their work that have been lost or changed over time. It is great news for anyone who wants to kick a bad habit or addiction but it can be stressful for those who are in denial about it. An empow- ering plan includes a raw look at your circumstances and really listening to those who love you in a new way. If people are telling you, “You have a problem with ...” they may be right, and to reach your highest potential it might be time to put your ego aside and do something productive to move past it.
June 18 — Sun in Gemini Sextile Uranus in Aries — This is a magical combi- nation that brings surprise insights or expression. Doing something different is usually supported by this transit.
June 18 — Mercury in Gemini Opposing Saturn in Sagittarius — Saturn represents the energy of father/father figure/authority in the chart. It is very pos- sible that the urge to express something unique from the transit with the Sun and Uranus this same day is not supported by a male energy close to you with a critical eye.
June 20 — Venus in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces — I love this combination of grounded Taurus and Venus in its own sign, in a beautiful angle with dreamy Nep- tune in its own sign. Formless meets form in a wonderful way at this time.
June 20 — Mercury in Gemini Sextile Uranus in Aries — Expression is given a major boost by the lightning strike energy of Uranus. Unique ideas and actions gain beautiful support.
June 21 — Sun in Cancer Conjunct Mercury in Cancer — This is a super-sen- timental pair-up. Lots of tears are likely, either from beautiful heart connections and sharing of feelings or feeling vulnerable, or both. It is a beautiful time to con- nect with family and the feeling side of life.
June 23 — New Moon at almost 3° of Cancer — This emotional New Moon is also opposing Saturn, making a Sextile to Uranus, and Squaring Chiron. Full Moons in water signs tend to pack an enhanced emotional punch but this one as the Moon is full in its own sign, takes the cake. Lots of tears are likely, a potential for happy tears included. The aspects with Saturn and Chiron increase the chance for the bringing up of old wounds, but the aspect to Uranus sprinkles in an in- creased likelihood of a sudden insight that helps to bring healing.
June 24 — Venus in Taurus Trine Pluto in Capricorn — The power of unseen forces become visible as they support financial and relationship efforts.
June 25 — Mars in Cancer Square Jupiter in Libra — Mars moving awk- wardly through Cancer reaches a roadblock at this time. Expansion will likely be temporarily held up, creating frustration. The energy will move in fits and starts throughout the rest of the month.
June 26 — Mars in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces — Movement gets a boost back into a groove with this placement of resonance.
June 27 — Mercury in Cancer Square Jupiter in Libra — Communication gets challenged, especially if it is trying to expand too much too soon.
June 28 — Mercury in Cancer Conjunct Mars in Cancer — Emotions hit an- other high with this transit. This transit is a temporary accord but there are more challenges ahead.
June 29 — Mercury in Cancer Opposing Pluto in Capricorn — The commu- nication flow of earlier in the month is continuing to hit some major resistance at this time. Try to only make decisions from a clear place during this time. | the NOISE arts & news | JUNE 2017 • 27

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