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July 2017 ~ Eclipse Rumblings and Much More ... BY ANNIE BOTTICELLI
The August eclipse rumblings begin already, as even up to 4-6 weeks before eclipses, news and events related to them can start to show up. Major outer changes are afoot. There is also much opportunity now and in the coming months to revamp the inner experience of emotion.
Brilliant author and teacher, Michael Brown says in his profoundly powerful self- development book, The Presence Process, “You are either living your life charged or ‘in charge,’” and that you can’t truly be in charge of yourself, your life, or anyone or anything else “when you are emotionally charged.” He believes that strong negative emotional charges show us places of unintegrated childhood felt perceptions. He says, “upsets are set-up’s” reflected into our external experience to show us unre- solved issues in our internal space.
This month is full of opportunities to radically change our viewpoint of people or circumstances that upset us. He reminds us of the option to welcome ‘upsets’ as opportunities to convert trapped, unintegrated childhood trauma into “raw fuel for authentic inner and outer movement.”
Strong Leo energies bring the Ego into center stage as strong Cancer energies bring feelings in as co-stars. Humanity has a plague of a dysfunctional relationship with our ‘feeling’ nature. So much time, effort, and expense occurs from either the avoidance of or unproductive over-indulging in feelings. Michael Brown says that instead of viewing inner work as a means to feel better, rather we should develop a method to get better at feeling, only then do we become empowered and subse- quently improve every area of our lives.
Numerous starry frictions bring action and feeling into conflict, serving as fertile ground for this true and permanent positive change. Awkwardness comes through fire and water pair-ups throughout the month, as well as notable conflicts between “thinking” Gemini and “feeling” Cancer, but even despite these, there are some ex- cellent aspects for forward motion in general and much support for travelers, writ- ers (and other prolific expressers), and artists. Those who are working on self-de- velopment will be served in profound ways and many who were not focused in this area of life will have opportunities to be awakened to start to see starry conflicts as shining opportunities to live an empowered life, casting away the victim viewpoint that “life is happening to us.”
By July 24, our open window that was free of retrogrades of personal planets and their retrogrades comes to a close and we begin to have the time of retrograde re- flection and revision come back into our experience. Mercury’s retrograde shadow period starts July 25 and runs up until the actual retrograde, which is from August 13 through September 5. The post-retrograde shadow period run from September 6-20. Then we will have our last open period free from personal planet retrogrades and their shadows of the year, September 21 - November 15. Also, a reminder about the 2018 year ahead ... we will have Mercury, Mars, and Venus making retrograde transits next year. After January 12, 2018 and up until March 7, 2018 (except for a week in May) is the only period of time free from personal planet retrogrades and/or their shadows in the whole year. Knowing this gives great encouragement to best use the available window this year to get important things launched or ready to be pushed forward in early 2018.
Sweet vibrations roll in during the times around: July 7, 14, 18, 19, 23, 26, and 30. Opportunities to heal unresolved emotional issues or ‘get better at feeling’ abound in the times around: July 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 30.
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** Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.
July 2 — Mars in Cancer Opposing Pluto in Capricorn — Emotional and likely unreasonable action opposes rigid and possibly unfair resistance with this transit. Home vs. work or true feelings vs. tradition clash with great intensity. Getting good sleep and doing other things to enhance your capacity to not react strongly as chal- lenges come up will help in preventing escalation of the potential drama.
July 4 — Mercury in Cancer Square Uranus in Aries — Surprise and likely jar- ring news or experiences are more likely now. Actions and reactions blend in inco- herent ways at this time.
July 7 — Mercury in Leo Sextile Venus in Gemini — This is a sweet sprinkle amidst some formidable challenges reminding that there is magic available, espe- cially when we look for it and ask for it.
July 8-9 — Full Moon at 17° of Capricorn — This is a powerhouse of a full moon
bringing all things Capricorn into the potential sphere of completion, fruition, or fullness. Capricorn rules work, career, recognition, business, father/father figures/ authority figures, bones, joints, and teeth. This conjunction with Pluto bringing the potential for a force seeming to work against you, or forcing you to submit to something you don’t want to do, squaring Jupiter bringing the feeling of being stuck, and opposing Mars increasing the likelihood of feeling helpless. There will also be the blessing of a sweet aspect with Neptune, increasing the chance that intuition and deep understanding reigns supreme over the drama, reminding us this intensity will pass.
July 9-10 — Sun in Cancer Opposing Pluto in Capricorn — Vibrant expression and creativity meets an opposing and seemingly unmovable force. Feelings and personal expression are challenged by practicality with the latter likely winning.
July 14 — Mercury in Leo Sextile Jupiter in Libra — Another blessing amidst the sea of challenged emotion. This transit brings a boost to individuality and self-esteem.
July 17 — Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces — Changing affections or financial viewpoints get called out by this transit. Movement wants to happen but unresolved psychological or other types of security issues need strengthening. Guard your personal information and private life more strongly around this time.
July 17 — Mars in Cancer Square Uranus in Aries — Mars is still bumping around awkwardly in unfamiliar sensitive cancer and running into conflict with jolts from Uranus in the sign that Mars best understands. Balancing action with emotions is necessary at this time.
July 18 — Mars in Cancer Trine Chiron in Pisces — Connections or actions from the past are supported strongly at this time.
July 18 — Venus in Gemini Trine Jupiter in Libra — This is a beautiful sweet spot in the month where the two most congenial planets get together and make beautiful coherent magic together. This is a striking point for action delicately placed in between challenging aspects. It is one of the best times for pushing through launches and other forward movement before the energies start to roll backwards again until well into September.
July 19 — Mercury in Leo Trine Saturn in Sagittarius — This aspect is a won- derful companion to the line-ups of the previous day. A truly magical time, full of support and transcendence above challenges.
July 20-21 — Sun in Cancer Square Uranus in Aries Trine Chiron in Pisces — Seemingly random challenges may pop up at this time with the Sun’s aspect to Uranus, but Chiron is sitting by to offer help. Issues that were healed from the past may serve as strengths now.
July 23 — New Moon at almost 1° of Leo — It is time to make your ten New Moon Wishes on the topics of children, creativity, hobbies, fun, romance/true love, acting (and other performance art), directing, athleticism, and leadership. This New Moon packs a double edge as a square with Uranus brings unnerving energy, a conjunction with Mars brings the need to act, and a trine with Chiron brings spiritual viewpoints and support.
July 24 — Venus in Gemini Opposing Saturn in Sagittarius — Reality puts the erratic movement of Venus in Gemini in check. Gemini can be very unground- ed which doesn’t roll well with the expectations of consistency and dedication that Saturn wants. Though it can feel like an impediment, this transit might be ex- actly perfect for grounding and focusing efforts that aid completion and success.
July 26 — Sun in Leo Conjunct Mars in Leo — This is a time of bold expression and/or amplified pride, for better or worse. Mars likes it much better in this fel- low element of its natural placement and this combination can be very vivacious, productive, and fun.
July 30 — Venus in Gemini Square Chiron in Pisces — Venus in Gemini is focused on options, Chiron in Pisces is bringing the message of spiritual truth. The two can be mutually exclusive, but during this transit the need to ask bigger questions beyond superficial focus becomes necessary.
July 30 — Venus in Gemini Trine Uranus in Aries — A positive and electrify- ing boost of support comes from this match-up. Strokes of brilliance are likely but fleeting, so write down any good ideas that come in to ponder through the upcoming retrograde cycle. Surprises are likely in money and love. | the NOISE arts & news | JULY 2017 • 27

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