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a commander in chief.
We cannot recognize this Spawn of Satan anymore. We cannot send his or his min-
ions any more of the Dollars in the God We Trust.
This illegitimate President has been bought and sold, this illegitimate Congress has
been bought and sold, and the Military Industrial Complex commands 70¢ out of every $1 we send to the Treasury, our Treasury, the US Treasury — for wars we did not vote for, for the money we earned and were robbed of, thieved by thugs who wish to boar ruin on God’s Green Earth.
Dear Edi
Donald Trump has no right to declare war on North Korea; there has been no vote from Congress or even a legitimate poll of the American people, just like the other “declarations of war” earlier this year on Yemen and Syria, and a host of other nations. WE DID NOT AUTHORIZE THESE ENGAGEMENTS AND THEY REPRESENT A ROGUE FACTION OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX THAT HAS OVERTAKEN OUR DEMOCRACY.
The Constitution has already been corrupted due to Donald Trump’s concealed foreign interests (all US Presidents are to be divested of foreign interests before run- ning for office) and his failing to disclose his personal income to the American public upon being “elected” adds another score of doubt to his illegitimacy as “Commander in Chief.” For this and other acts of treason on the American People, Donald Trump needs to be removed from office immediately, to preserve the peace and protect our institution as a democratically-elected republic.
He remains nothing more than a b-rate bankrupt reality tv actor with a narcissist disorder. What we learned after the “election,” after Mr. Trump refused to disclose his income tax returns, refused to show his un-American business interests, and refused to engage in a real dialogue of his “assumed” wealth — is that he is a very well re- hearsed imposter.
Mr. Trump has bankrupted his inherited wealth twice, if not three times, revealed to David Letterman that his net-worth was negative billions of dollars, and the only real money he has is through the fees he receives from trademarking the Trump name to foreign investors. “Trump” is, after all, a pretty lucky name to be born under, as it is one of those fancy English words that is both a noun and a verb, known as a “power card” when used in bridge, and archaically considered as the “blast of a horn.”
But the bet is this: his entire “guise of fortune” is owned by entities he has no con- trol over. In fact, Mr. Trump may be so embroiled in debt collection from creditors like the Russian mafia that he may be merely the “trumpet” of a new foreign rule of these United States — like the Amerika of a 1980s mini-series — which may explain the broken English and indecipherable tweets. In reality, old Vlad Putin is pushing the buttons on the Presidential iPhone and little Donny has to work off his debt by getting on TV and “selling” us on whatever tabloid bullsh*t keeps us distracted from the trillions of the world’s wealth squandered by agents of war.
His “destroy” verbiage meant for North Korea cements his insanity and thirst for the bloodletting of innocent civilians who have the same right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that he has, regardless of their physical proximity to another un-convicted Narcissist with a new toy.
Let it be affirmed: No other termination of life is authorized by the Constitution. It is only through a justice system relying on a jury of peers that an individual may be found guilty of a treasonable offense, and then death is again decided by jury.
Committing civilian homicide throughout the world in the name of the United States of America — or threatening civilian homicide throughout the world in the name of the United States of America — however, is a treasonable offense. And Donald Trump needs to be led away in handcuffs.
And for the moment, to quote John Goodman in that classic Cohen Bros. film: “Shut the f*ck up Donny!”
Good Morning!
Joachim Fennelworth
Angry Amish of Geronimo County
What’s perhaps most disturbing about the current administration, is that just like in Hitler’s Germany, economic advisors and allies who got him elected, have disbanded and further degraded his populist legitimacy, and we are left with a roomful of gener- als and a king of entertainment. It is only with the distraction that his 24-hour one-line knee-jerk drama sitcom affords the American people that military installations are be- ing deployed throughout the world without due process.
Lucia McCauley
I’d like to submit this for consideration
The Parabola of the Parking Meter (Flagstaff Style)
The downtown parking meter is an unusual sight in the city of Flagstaff, not only because the city had twice installed and removed them in the past three decades, but because of the unusual citizen outcry that occurs every time, something every city ought to take note of.
Deep-seated in the heart of citizen protests is the philosophy that no one should ever be double-taxed, and that once a street is a public street, it remains so for public use. And maybe it is a liberal libertarian philosophy that can give this credo a defini- tion, but its roots remain highly independent, usurping the very fabric of what a mu- nicipal government can enforce.
Just this month, kiosks and bulletin boards have been ablaze with a simple message:
Refuse to pay any parking fine associated with the new meters, and lodge a protest with a letter to the city court.
Economic disenfranchisement is one of the major talking points, as any extra fee automatically burdens those of fixed or moderate incomes disproportionately; and it has been reported that 80% of parking fees collected are allocated to only the parking kiosk service and management, with less in fundraising for city coffers if judicial and administrative compliance to paying the fee is factored in.
Say, for instance 15% of Flagstaff’s local population refused to pay parking fees in downtown Flagstaff, and protested by ignoring paying a $30 fine. The cost to collect that fee administratively, through aggressive collection agencies or even through exist- ing city staff, could graduate to consume more than three-quarters of its initial value, as salaries, hourly wages, and mailing would become a fixed cost in the system’s mainte- nance. If then 5% of Flagstaff’s local population were to fight the fee in municipal court and protest through litigation, the city might be more burdened, and the fundraising it received from paid parking would be moot, negated, or even turned into a deficit.
I don’t know who hood-winked the City of Flagstaff again — most likely there was a clearance on “digital wireless parking meters” in a warehouse somewhere when it was discovered they can’t encrypt credit cards safely on a wireless network (who’da thought?) and some bureau-chief here thought they were getting “a really good deal, Carl; no really!”
Finding parking in downtown is about the adventure! And everyone should be able to experience it, free of charge.
I’d with the kiosk protestors: Ignore those pesky parking meters ... they’re for the birds!
Dear NEd
Wade Scott
I think, yes, the NFL players kneeling during games is a reminder that we are of a higher power, a greater power than the United States; and that we should join in hands to remedy peace throughout the world, and not pay attention to, or even recognize, the powers that would destroy us for an ego ride.
It’s good for God and it’s good for Jesus that star quarterbacks are giving their allegiance to a higher calling while their political counterparts are doing the work of the Devil.
And to think that our “President” places money and toys of mass destruction over individual lives, and that it is something normal to be seen on the nightly news, is not only abhorrent to the foundations of this Nation, but reeks of his illegitimacy as
A typographical error last edition incorrectly listed the date of the Dred Scott De- cision. It was in 1857 Dred Scott sued for his freedom and that of his wife and two daughters and was denied by the US Supreme Court; he died a year later.
The July edition incorrectly mentioned Shonto Begay has two children; he in fact has three girls and a boy.
Our apologies for the oversight.
Horace Whitaker
Of the Forest
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