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by Leah Bodenhamer
I think the Dalai Lama himself said that we should be selective about the people with whom we share compassion. Conditional compassion, he said, is truly the most convenient spiritual path.
So today I want to talk about the kind of people who are
undeserving of our compassionate hearts, in other words,
“low vibrational” people. These are the kind of people
who stick to our spiritual purity like wet noodles on wood.
They glom on and harden to us, drawn in by our
superiority (who can blame them) and thus
taint our spiritual perfection. Just like
flowers and crystals, low-vibe
people vibrate at a slower
frequency than us spiritually
tapped-in humans. These kinds of
people might be black, homeless, unemployed,
addicted to drugs, overly sexual and verbose, scary-looking,
different-looking, Mexican, gay or maybe they focus too much on negative political issues. Because of these reasons, we have to be extremely careful about our interaction with them. We really don’t need to be reminded of the all-encompassing nature of humanity nor the current reality of the human condition. Avoidance is key.
The thing about being spiritually pure, is that first of all, it makes you better than everyone else (which is a huge accomplishment), and secondly it is a very disciplined way of life.
The more we eliminate the elements of life that make us uncomfortable, the better. Avoid the people that make you question yourself and your life, especially if you have adopted (however momentarily) a spiritual path that conveniently coincides with your pre-existing belief system and validates your personality. Spirituality is really about reaffirming your prejudice, looking good while you do it and concealing your true feelings. Being around homeless people can make it really hard to look good and sell your spiritual purity to others. Surround yourself with safe, high-vibe people who eat organic spirulina and carrot juice. It is a good way to avoid being honest with yourself. After all, inner transformation is a lot of work.
The more we avoid people that stir up negative feelings in us (which were definitely not there before), the less those feelings show up in our lives! It’s good to live an unexamined life, and in the meantime, let’s affirm our sacred specialness and magical healing powers! There’s usually not any “reason” why certain distasteful people show up in our lives, so avoid their phone calls and cries for help. Instead, do some yoga and buy that book
on Lemurian seed crystals. Be sure to say mean things about them behind their back and definitely don’t share your stuff with them. If you absolutely have to hang out with unsavory low vibrational people, subtly de-humanize them through thought and action. This will safeguard your beliefs and protect your psycho-emotional security.
Just like the Dalai Lama said, remain narrow with your compassion, be selective with your loving kindness and protect your fragility by de-humanizing others. In this way, we can truly uplift all of humanity, but mostly and especially people that fit into our circle of acceptance.
illustration by Kris Pothier
The art of self-delusion by Leah Bodenhamer
Reaching for A wisp
I crumble Imagine – like A pillow
Full of potatoes Thumping Down – right Staircase Bruised by Sharp step like Grace fallen Backwards Right?
Grasping at
A (mirage, conviction) Affiffirming
The sleep state
Dream – like Something other than Somewhere better than Somehow, somewhere Just not
Just not
Now, Now,
It must be better there, then. Yes,
So when then arrives, then... Thump, thump.
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