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@ Arcosanti’s Convergence @ NORAZ Barista Jam 11/11/2017
by Joey Bono & o. victor
ROW 1: Arcosanti’s 1st Annual Conver- gence Conference & Festival was a gathering designed to “inspire and develop solutions toward new ways of arranging urban landscapes and people’s relationships to the environ- ment and one another.” The event featured workshops, speakers, art- ists and musicians, including (from left) Phx Flux, an interpretive perfor- mance group who brought a forma- tive energy to the event; the iconic ‘Soleri Bells’ were also showcased, a sampling of the thousands made at Arcosanti’s on-site foundry, scattered across the globe by visitors to the fu- turistic city. It is thought they chime the vibrations of Arcology — the fu- sion of architecture & ecology, ringing true of the idea that humanity’s rela- tionship to the Earth is meant to be redefined. Arcosanti is a Living Urban Laboratory with over 8,000 residents having made the site home through- out its near 40-year history.
ROW 2: Finding inspirational views at Arcosanti are Cheryl Casden and Meghan Herrick from Greenlight Solutions, an organization focusing on sustainable solutions in conjunc- tion with ASU; Michael Garfield demonstrates his inspired painting style in the amphitheater; one of Ar- cosanti’s small families takes a stroll through the beautiful grounds; the stage hosted Speak Up, a local politi- cal organization, with speakers Kevin Alvarez, Robert Neustadt, Roxanna De-Niz and Adam Shimoni, imagin- ing solutions to policy surrounding immigrant situations.
ROW 3: At the 2nd Annual NORAZ Baris- ta Jam at Indian Gardens in Oak Creek Canyon, the affair was impeccably em- ceed by Dylan Jung (Speaking of Cof- fee) and deliciously catered by the chefs at Garland’s. From left, barista extraor- dinaire Josh Wagner made it to the final round with his “Latte in a Ladel”; fashionista Bianca was one of the eve- ning’s taste testers; proprietors Monica and Daniel Garland celebrate another delightful evening at the Gardens; Ro- chelle, John, and Megan were among the revelers; Vanessa competes in the latte throw-down; Mr. Jung points to the proper diagonal of latte art; and Matthew DuPont of FireCreek ex- presses remorse for an errant pour.
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