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Deborah Salazar
Judith Skinner Jo Manginelli
Through December 30 in the Mezzanine Gallery, ‘Tis Art Gallery in downtown Prescott is presenting “Art à la Carte,” a three-member show featuring the weaving of Jo Manginelli, the felted animals of Deborah Salazar, and the jewelry of Judith Skinner.
Ms. Manginelli, an award-winning weaver, has had a lifelong fascination with textiles, which led her to weaving and felting in 1997. Her work exhibits her versatility and love of texture and color, as well as her interest in exploring the multitude of structures and fibers in her wearable art.
For Ms. Salazar, art has always been her passion; three-dimensional art being her favorite form. Moving from clay to wool as a medium has allowed her to create more realistic forms, as she is renowned locally for her fun-loving animal creations. “I use the same principles in wool sculpture as I did in clay,”she says.“Wool as a medium is easier on the hands, but more time consuming.”
Using a posable armature wrapped in wool roving, she adds muscles and features by shaping more wool and then felting into place. Then a pelt is applied, giving the animal a very life-like appearance. Of her process, she confides, “When I am creating an animal l imagine a scene with them in it. It could be a group of mice deciding on a new adventure — or perhaps a grumpy look on grandpa bear because a cub has pulled his ear.” With a bit of whimsy added to each one of her woodland subjects, one can’t help but smile at what mischief they might get into.
Ms. Skinner’s jewelry can be described as wearable sculpture. “The Skinner Blend,” a spe- cial blend she developed, launched her into combining a rainbow of colors into her work. She hand forms metallic colors which add a glow to her thin pieces of polymer clay, to form gently curved shapes then add a final touch of subtle pieces.
Through December 19 in the Main Gallery, ‘Tis is also presenting “Eclectic,” a Prescott area artists’ exhibit as diverse as it is varied, wide-ranging, and multifarious.
And if that weren’t enough happening at the busiest little gallery this side of Santa Fe, on December 21, the ‘Tis presents the Winter Photography Exhibit, with works by Prescott area photographers.
A 4th Friday Art Walk Reception is scheduled for December 22, from 5-7PM, in the Main Gallery. It is the night to come mingle with the artists and photographers.
Then get ready for 2018, as on January 2, ‘Tis presents STEPS, the art education pro- gram’s Student Art Exhibit, a group showing from the Fall 2017 class series, works from youth, ages 5-16. An artists’ reception will be held Saturday, January 16 from Noon-2PM.
For more information, — Stan Lutkis
Kelly Janecek
After a three-year hiatus, Kelly Janecek returns to West of the Moon in downtown Flag- staff, with an apropos show entitled, “Back in the Saddle.”
The artist’s iconic impressionist pieces, often featuring the steep embankments and geo- logical monuments that grace the Colorado Plateau, quickly became a local favorite, when she unveiled her penchant for painting just eight years ago. Then, as she went back to work fulltime, the need to balance family life took precedence.
“With no show on the horizon I was also able to play, to be detached from any expecta- tion or destination for a piece,” she relates. “I prefer large canvas but I was challenged to try smaller canvas just so I could have a sense of finishing a painting when I did get some time in my studio. As frustrating as it was at times to have such limited time to paint, I liked how it forced me to be quick and decisive with my time.”
Although Ms. Janecek did not have any formal education in the arts, she did have a lot of curiosity about it, and a bunch of ideas she wanted to experiment with. Fortunately, she says, she has a lot of talented artist friends in Flagstaff, who encouraged her, and passed on helpful tips to get her started.
Once she took on her own style, the drive to create lured her evermore. “My continued draw to painting — to my own and that of others — is the element of expression. I am in- trigued by how the use of color, line, and composition can do this. It is also so individual to the painter, you get to see and know something of the painter by how they use those elements.”
The artist does make light of her medium, as she reveals, “I paint in oils, mostly because I enjoy the range of colors and hues and the ability to add texture — but also because it’s so effective to fix mistakes! I make a lot of mistakes, it’s how I learn. Sometimes my mistakes are a stroke of luck and make a painting stronger, sometimes not so much. In those cases, I let the oil dry and come back to it and try again.”
Of her departure from the Flagstaff art scene for such an extended period, she says, “These 3 years allowed for a good shift to happen, it loosened up my work. At the same time that it allowed an element of play to come into my work, it made me serious about what I wanted, what I was after.”
Ms. Janecek’s newest series will be on display all month, though an Opening Reception is scheduled as part of December’s First Friday ArtWalk on the First, from 6-9PM.
— Leon Fredricks
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