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With the holiday season tion: Places to go, things to see and do, music to hear, restaurants to eat at, etcetera. And
upon us, I figured this article could be based upon giv- ing the gift of thanks to all our local coffee shops and roasters for keep- ing us in good coffee everyday. The buck doesn’t just stop there either. On behalf of all the locally owned cafes and as a full-time Barista, I’d like to give a big thanks to all the wonderful customers and regulars who keep us in business and give us purpose to wake up at 6am every
Go Local
Northern Arizona really makes me proud to be a resident, for so many reasons beyond the scope of this
column. The coffee community, specifically, is really amazing here. Every time I get to travel to another city or town, I can find many a cafe that does indeed impress me. But every time I come back home, I’m always happy to see special faces behind the bar of my favorite cafes. I know a lot of other serious coffee drinkers in Northern Arizona feel the same way too.
We have a very unique community here, with very distinct opportunities for growth and expansion. Everyday, we Baristas not only have the chance to start our customers’ day off on the right foot with a positive attitude, but a chance to educate them on higher quality, thus expanding their palates and buying decisions. With those things in place, we can keep setting the quality standard higher for ourselves and our business’, making our region a wonderful place for locals and visitors to come to for an awesome experience.
Many of us in the cafe and service industry know very well, that not only do customers want what they paid for, but that they also can rely on us for all sorts of other informa-
what better place to retrieve this kind of information that at the local cafes? The folks working behind the counter can often be a visitor’s best and most honest resource, and that’s something to be thankful for.
Be super appreciative or leave an extra dollar in the tip jar if your Barista has helped you out in such a way. They have Christmas presents to buy too!
Regular Drip
I’ll tell ya, nothing makes my work day as a Barista better than a regular customer who comes in with a smile on their face, or a new story to share. This experience is what actually bridges the gap between “regular” and friend. I’ve made so many new friends and connections through the years by working in cafes. This is yet another reason I am thankful, and I’m sure many of my colleagues feel the same way too.
Before I started working as a Barista and coffee professional, I was just a “regular” at a now defunct cafe in Sedona. My normal Barista was always super friendly, got to know my name pretty quickly, suggested new drinks for me to try from time to time, and on and on. Right around Christmas, she gave me a card. It had a lovely note written on it, plus a small gift certificate to use at the cafe. I can’t tell you how special that made me feel. She gave out gifts to other regular customers, and I’d be willing to bet that they felt very special and appreciated too.
‘Tis the Season
So it’s the season for giving. But aren’t the holidays just an excuse for something that we’d all like to be doing more of anyway? Coffee fiends, seize the opportunity to sup- port your local cafes and Baristas. Cafes and Baristas, seize the opportunity to treat your customers to something special.
May I suggest buying up all the locally roasted, small batch coffee you can get your hands on? A new brew device for someone special? A gift card to a small cafe will help a family member keep in full supply of Peppermint Mochas all season long! Hopefully you (customer), will have a nice experience or story with your Barista to go along with the purchase, thus making the gift that much more worth giving. While you’re at it, you might as well include this article with it (just cut along the dotted line).
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