Spring Summer Media Kit
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a publication of
weavel inc.
an Arizona 501c3 Non-Profit Arts & Education Organization
Your Market is ARIZONA!
Since 2001, we are Arizona’s variety monthly, chock-full of quality writing and stunning visual reproduction, a strategy aimed at engaging visitors and citizens from many walks of life.
Our audience is: sharp, young at heart, more likely to hold college degrees, attend art shows, theatre, live music concerts and festivals; be involved in the community, tool around in the garden, go for a hike, and look to the future. As tourists and locals, they like to have a good time in our state’s most sought-after territory, dining out and enjoying good conversation over coffee, a smoothie, or glass of beer or wine.
Readership & Circulation
We distribute to 276 high-traffic locations throughout Arizona, with a total per- edition monthly readership of over 50,000. We’ve developed our distribution points in 15 cities & towns — Flagstaff, Winslow, Williams, Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Cornville, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Camp Verde, Payson, Pine & Strawberry — serving a combined regional population of 190,000 Arizonans with over 11 million domestic and foreign tourists visiting annually. Plus, we’ve added select distribution in the downtowns of Phoenix and Tucson!
People pick us up free of charge in the state’s most popular cafes and restaurants, wineries and breweries, grocery and retail stores, hotels, lodges, and resorts, college campuses, galleries, museums and visitors’ centers. Readers bring us home, saving editions for reference and monthly reminder.
Surveys indicate a 5-person per-edition pass-around rate, and the magazine is so popular, distributors often hold reservations for copies. Our shelf-life and printing precision is conscientious to demand, aiming to be a sustainable zero-waste periodical!
Sponsoring the NOISE
As an Arizona 501c3 non-profit publication, sponsoring the magazine is easy and a great way to reduce your tax liability, locally and within the arts community.
Our focused circulation, profile, and popular area of origin provide sponsors a unique means to reach active, mindful citizens and visitors to the area.
Though free on the stands, we are a valued publication, like no other.
Reserve space in the upcoming edition! 928-634-5001 • info@thenoise.us
Reader Profile
Male/Female Ratio: 47/53 Age Group: 16-96 Advanced Degree: 87% Married: 33%
Where we’re picked up:
Flagstaff Area: 52% Sedona/Verde Valley: 29% Prescott Area: 16% Mogollon Rim: 3%
Who they are:
Professional: 33% Sales: 21%
Service: 19% Construction: 13% Production: 12% Farming/Forestry: 2%
What they do:
Read: 100%
Travel: 87%
Live Music: 98% Theatre: 94%
Art Openings: 96% Go For a Hike: 76% Pets: 48% Children: 24% School: 19%
Dine Out: 97%

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