First published in 1993 as a sophomoric protest to Arizona high school arts and journalism budget cuts, the NOISE reemerged in Flagstaff in October 2001 as a free forum for artists & poets.  Now in its 15th year as a reliable monthly, readers in 18 communities have grown accustom to a wholesome variety of news, arts, and culture distinctly Arizona, flavored for most every palate under the sun.

As a nonprofit publication of Weavel Inc, an Arizona 501c3 organization, the NOISE is true to its mission of producing and presenting original works of art & literature for the educational benefit of the community.  As a sustainable public media reliant on its readers to advocate its content, many times the initial “Letter to the Editor" becomes our next feature story ... and oftentimes, those brave new writers become regular contributors.

Primarily, it is with the generous support of local Sponsors that the NOISE is able to hit the streets with accuracy each month ... So please, support local business!

Our hope is you'll share in our vision — and engage …

image credits, clockwise from left:

Jason Phillips, Lisa Albinger, Don Graham, Shonto Begay, Sky Black