an Arizona NonProfit 501c3 Arts & Education Organization

Organizational History

Weavel Inc. was originally founded by high school students who as members of the local library's honor society published the literary magazine Born In An Ink Pen in Payson, Arizona.   The bound book comprised poetry, short stories, and art wholly created by the town's youth and sponsored by local business. 

An achievement during its day, when the first round of Arizona education budget cuts hit in the mid-1990s, the students went on to publish a monthly newspaper when the school-sponsored Longhorn Times was cancelled.  Enlisting the help of a generous local printing press and area merchants, the paper found critical and popular success with the town's citizens, and augured the Noise's return to Flagstaff in 2001.

Now serving 15 communities in 3 counties with content both flavorful and authentic to the region's art and contemporary conversation, the Noise is Weavel Inc.'s flagship publication, and occupies a major role in its mission accomplishment.

While the magazine currently creates and consumes most of the organization’s resources, Weavel Inc. also operated the Luftmensch art space in the downtowns of Phoenix & Flagstaff and produced the interactive theatre project GhostWalk in collaboration with the town of Jerome, for three years. 

Weavel Inc. and the Noise have also been instrumental in the promotion and presentation of the budding Arizona ArtWalk scenes, as dozens of communities have joined in making great local art free and available to the public each and every month.