an Arizona NonProfit 501c3 Arts & Education Organization

Projects & Goals

  1. Maintaining a free forum for ideas and expression —

  1. Peaking attendance of community events occurring throughout Arizona —

• Promoting local artists & musicians — recognizing the wellspring of creativity found in Arizona

We aim to stimulate support for cultural endeavors in Arizona by presenting special events, accomplishments, and individual talents of a wide variety of organizations and their members. 

We strive to increase opportunities for community-based educational experiences in cultural endeavors by presenting previews, reviews, and in-depth reporting of local topics of interest. 

We support new cultural projects and emerging nonprofit organizations by featuring them regularly, and by offering nonprofit sponsorship opportunities.

We promote Arizona's uniquely diverse culture through column dedication from community volunteers like you.

Our goals for FY2017 are threefold:

1.Commission for a Sponsorship Director

2.Become more environmentally sustainable

3.Expand sponsorship and content of the magazine!
how will you volunteer?!